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When Pragmatic Play first announced they were turning their ingenuity to the developing of online bingo games, we knew that they wouldn’t be satisfied until they have diversified the market.

Bingo Blast Slot

 They have come up with plenty of ways for bingo fans to experience new gaming possibilities, the release of their popular game, Bingo Blast, is one of the best. Like all of Pragmatic Play’s online slot games, Bingo Blast comes with first-class graphics and animations to make your bingo session an exhilarating one. If you are wondering why you should delve into one of Pragmatic Play’s bingo games instead of games from longer established bingo developers, there are plenty of reasons, the pace of the action is just one of them. If you are all about the quick wins, you’ll be quickly enamoured by the fast-paced action delivered by the 90-ball bingo game. Bingo Blast is available to play on all devices including mobiles, laptops, tablets and any other device that supports HTML 5 Gaming. If you are familiar with the concept of bingo, you’ll easily be able to get to grips with Bingo Blast. Set your bet level, and then hope that your numbers are called on your bingo card. The maximum jackpot is paid every time you are lucky enough to see a full house on your bingo card!

Bonus Features

Bingo Blast works in a slightly different way to Pragmatic Play’s other bingo games such as 75-Ball Bingo, 80-Ball Bingo and 90-Ball Bingo. At the start of the bingo game, you will see an explosion of bingo balls on the bingo card which could lead to plenty of the numbers getting matched straight off the bat. The gameplay will then work as usual until just before the final round where you will get another blast of balls on the screen. The speed of Bingo Blast could also be considered to be a bonus feature, The VP of Bingo over at Pragmatic Play promises ‘speed of light play’, after a few games, your heart rate will start to agree. Other perks to playing Pragmatic Play’s bingo games include the modernity of the experience, the 24 / 7 customer support, the state of the art technology behind all of their games and the community between players.

About The Developer - Pragmatic Play

Back in 2015, Pragmatic Play was an up and coming online slot developer trying to find their way in an already over-crowded industry. Fast forward to 2021, they’ve dominated a significant proportion of the online slot game industry, and now they’re staking their claim in the online bingo industry. Even though we are primarily an online slot casino at Rose Slots CA, we always find room for exceptional games, such as Pragmatic Play’s online bingo games, that we know our players will love. We are sure that it will be no time at all before Pragmatic Play’s collection of online bingo games is as expansive as their portfolio of online slot games.