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If you are looking for some fast-paced play while enjoying a traditional roulette wheel, Pragmatic Play’s brand-new roulette game, Live Speed Roulette, will deal all of the speedy thrills that you are looking for. Compared to average live roulette games, Live Speed Roulette is played 60% faster than a standard round of roulette.

Live Speed Roulette Casino

 Pragmatic Play may be relatively new to the live dealer casino games industry, but they are already taking it by storm, just as they did with their online slot games. There are plenty of reasons why fans of online roulette games are drawn to Pragmatic Play’s games, first, there’s the first-class live stream that comes straight from their state of the art 24 hour casino in Bucharest. Each of the live dealers are as committed to ensure you enjoy your roulette sessions as the developers; they’re quickly becoming renowned for their chatty and energetic hosting skills.

To make sure that you get the full casino experience, each Live Speed Roulette game will come with multi-cam coverage. However, you won’t get long to take in the scenery in between games, you have just 11 seconds to place your bet. With the ability to save your favourite bets and quickly find them again you shouldn’t find this time limit an issue. If you have ever played Roulette in a casino or online before, you will be instantly familiar with the set up in Live Speed Roulette. The game uses a European roulette wheel, which unlike American Roulette wheels only comes with one 0 pocket for the ball to fall into.

Bonus Features

•    High Definition Video Quality with audio and visual quality options available. 
•    Multiple Camera Views – you will even be able to zoom in on the roulette wheel and see for yourself where the ball lands. 
•    Mobile, Laptop and Tablet Compatible – if your device supports HTML 5 gaming, with a stable internet connection, you can enjoy a high-quality seamless session regardless of your screen size. 
•    All of the Betting Options Found in an Online Casino will be Available to You, Plus Side Bet Options Available 
•    24/7 Customer Support via Live Chat

About The Developer - Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play started as a small Malta-based company in 2015. In recent years, their determination to dominate the live casino industry has seen them making the most out of their live casino in Bucharest that was purpose built for livestreaming to players across the globe. They already have an incredible portfolio of table games to offer online players, you will also find live dealer baccarat, live dealer blackjack and, of course, the standard version of live roulette that is played at a more leisurely pace than Live Speed Roulette. On our Canadian online slot game casino, Pragmatic Play is far better known for their selection of award-winning video slot games. There is a significant proportion of their online slot games which we are sure will always stand the test of time.