A Dragon's Story

A Dragon's Story slot

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A Dragon's Story is a fictional, mythical-themed UK slot produced by NextGen Gaming - the perfect game for lovers of medieval fantasy. This game is for all of the dragon fans out there, as well as those who appreciate make-believe concepts and motifs in their online slots. This is a very versatile and accessible game, with high-quality pictures, a modern development, and full compatibility with desktop and mobile platforms. This slot also offers some fantastic rewards and entertainment, with a high variance, high payouts, and some interesting bonus features along the way. Here at Rose Slots CA, we give all new players 500 Free Spins on their first deposit of $5* or higher.

A Dragon's Story Slot

Fly, Fly Away!

The subject A Dragon’s Story is, of course, dragons, with a mediaeval look and high-quality graphics and animated imagery to bring the concept to life on your screens. This slot, developed by NextGen, is ultra-modern and includes audio effects to enhance the dramatic effect of the mediaeval theme. This game's format is fairly basic and standard, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and a generous 25 betways, which means a high volatility and an easily accessible design, making it the ideal slot to play. The dragon motif is carried throughout the game, with numerous dragons populating the reels and other animated elements in the bonus rounds. This online slot is more than just a gorgeous face; it also has a fantastic return to player rate of 95.2%* , with mild variance to make the slot pleasant and fair.

Great Returns

The famous A Dragon’s Story has some fantastic payouts, with the ability to turn even the smallest bet into a big win. To begin, you choose a stake between 25c and $50* each spin, which is suitable for most betting styles, though it does provide a more limited betting range to work with, with limited maximum bets. This dragon-themed slot's jackpot can be up to 2,000* times your investment, a large return that can result in payouts of up to $100,000* which is fantastic to win with a bet of just $50* each spin. It's difficult to conceive that this game can grow any better, especially with such high rewards and a high variance on your side.

Fantastic Features

A Dragon's Story is best recognised for including a variety of interesting and useful extra elements throughout the game, allowing you to raise all potential winnings and even customise your betting selections. The SuperBet Bonus, which is an optional feature that needs greater stakes, is used in this game. You can win greater payouts and useful extra features if you are ready to commit to a slightly higher wager, which is ideal for individuals who want to place higher bets in order to benefit from stronger value wins. Wild Multipliers and Free Games are another element of this game, with the possibility of winning up to 20 free games and a 2x multiplier. 

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.