Blazing Bells

Blazing Bells slot

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Blazing Bells is a flamboyant, high-variance UK slot with a plethora of useful features. Due to the large amount of Free Games and additional bonus features waiting to be activated, this game may appear a little hectic at first. Despite the fact that the theme and images of this slot are rather standard, there is nothing traditional or basic about the way it plays. This slot has a very high volatility, as well as useful features like Collapsing Reels, an Unlimited Wild Multiplier, Expanding Symbols, and Free Games. To try out this updated slot, visit Rose Slots CA and play Blazing Bells, which is totally compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms.

Blazing Bells Slot

Fairly Volatile

This slot may employ some fairly classic symbols, such as fruit, bells, and bars, to evoke memories of old-fashioned slot machines, but it is everything from traditional. Playtech's current development gives these symbols a new lease of life, with all the colour and high clarity you could want. Although the symbols are simple, there is a very chaotic and modernised concept at work here, which sets this slot apart from traditional games. To begin with, the slot has a larger design with six reels in total, making it slightly more complex. This has some fantastic features, like 46,656 ways to win and a 96.3%* return to player rating. This game employs the Cascading Reels feature, which improves volatility by moving and transferring symbols at random intervals.

Blazing Hot Wins

Never judge a UK online slot by its cover as Blazing Bells may appear to be ordinary and uninteresting on the surface, but the payouts far exceed those of typical slots. This slot provides all the thrill any game could need, with the possibility to win a massive 25,000x your investment. When you combine a huge jackpot with a high variance, you have a online slot that is both powerful and lucrative. This game has an Unlimited Multiplier, which results in extremely high payouts. This is a rare feature in most games, and it's very popular with players. You may spend between $0.10 and $90* each spin to get on board with this online slot and start creating high-value winnings, which is a rather flexible limit to work with.

Grab A Scatter

We don't usually expect fruit-themed slots to include additional features, but Blazing Bells puts that notion to rest. With four extra features to choose from, winning the 25,000x your stake jackpot has never been easier. The wonderful Free Games Bonus Game is the major bonus game of this slot, and it allows you the chance to earn up to 20 Free Games in exchange for scatter betways. This also unlocks the online slot's second feature, the Unlimited Multiplier Feature, which is a progressive multiplier with no upper limit. Another extra feature included to this slot is the thrilling Ways Plus Feature, which is responsible for revealing the game's bountiful betway pattern.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.