Egyptian Emeralds

Egyptian Emeralds slot

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Explore Egyptian Emeralds and win some incredible payouts, in a UK slot developed by Playtech with hints of ancient history. With a prize pool of up to $10,000* to be won, this is a nice twist on a well-known Egyptian classic. In this slot, Stacked Wilds and Respins combine to provide a diverse set of bonus bonuses. You're viewing ancient Egypt in a whole new light, thanks to stunning colours and compatibility across all contemporary devices. This high-quality slot is one of the most recent additions to the ever-changing Egyptian theme, so if you're searching for something different, try it out here at Rose Slots CA with a welcome bonus of 500 Free Spins available to all new players who wager more than $5*.

Egyptian Emeralds Slot

Egyptian Treasures

Egyptian Emeralds is a Playtech game set in the gorgeous historical age of Ancient Egypt, with touches of gemstones and treasures. If you enjoy the finer things of life, this historic themed aesthetic is for you. This game combines gems and ancient Egypt, two popular themes at Rose Slots, to create a vivid and distinctive design. Despite the fact that this is a very recent addition to the theme, the game's format is still distinct. To keep the core game basic, you're still working with only five reels and only three rows of reels. Furthermore, with only 10 possibilities to win, the designers have chosen one of the more plain and straightforward payline patterns.

Massive Multipliers

Egyptian Emeralds offers attractive payouts ranging from 20x to 200x* your bet, depending on which symbol you land, with the scarab wild beetle being the most valuable. Despite having fewer features than other slots, this one boasts the highest RTP of 96.3 percent*. The top cash award available in this game is $10,000*, and many of the extra features are designed to help you get there. This game allows you to wager up to $500* per spin, so there's no reason you shouldn't practise your own betting strategy. The real money in this game is found in the extra features, so keep an eye out for those valuable themed symbols. The payouts on this slot aren't the best, but there's a lot of money to be won.

Jackpot Features

Egyptian Emeralds is jam-packed with all of the best bonuses, and it's the best game to play if you enjoy Respin features. All of the game's extra features revolve around Wild Respins, which provide you many chances to win rewards. You can access as many responses as you want depending on whether you hit the bonus symbol. Stacked wilds are a bonus feature that works well with these wild respins, allowing these elements to go above and beyond in generating the jackpot betway. Although the lack of free spins in this game may frustrate some players, the developers have more than compensated with a variety of respin choices.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.