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Slingo Lucky Streak slot

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The release of Slingo Originals’ game Slingo Lucky Streak is the first truly unique contribution to the Irish-themed slot game category in over a decade, as this is no ordinary online slot game, this is a slot game spliced with the mechanics of an online bingo game. 

Slingo Lucky Streak Slot

In theory, you will still be creating winning lines, but this time, you will be creating ‘Slingo wins’ on a bingo card. The lines are created on the card every time a number appears on the bottom 1x5 reel that is also displayed on the 5x5 bingo card. Each stake will buy you a cycle of games, within that cycle of spins, the objective is to create as many lines of marked symbols as possible. Or, if your eyes are on the biggest prize, to create a full house and bank the jackpot.

How to Play Slingo Lucky Streak

There is a slight twist to Slingo Lucky Streak in comparison to the other Slingo games that give you a determined number of spins. With each game you start with 2 lives, every number you match on the bingo card to the bottom reel, you will receive a life, but every spin takes a life away, even the winning ones. The spin session will come to an end when you lose both of your lives. Note that you can only have 2 lives at any given time during each game. You can set your stake from as little as 25c or as high as $25 on all devices, if you do spin with the max wager and bank the jackpot, you’ll win over $5,600! * 

Bonus Features 

Leprechaun Wild Symbols – The green-hooded leprechauns are the standard wild symbols. These symbols can appear on the bottom 1x5 reel and mark any number that appears in the respective row above. 

Leprechaun Super Wild Symbols – The super wild symbols are the red-hooded leprechauns, they act in a similar way to the standard wild symbols, but they can mark any number on the bingo grid. 

Celtic Cross Symbols – Unlike most online slot games, Slingo Lucky Streak includes a symbol that can hinder your gameplay. Every time a Celtic cross symbol appears on the bottom reel, it will randomly select a position on the bingo card that you will be unable to mark with the four leaf clover symbol. 

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.

About The Developer - Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals is the developer responsible for the unique revivals of some of our favourite online slot games such as Reel King, Fluffy Favourites and Starburst as bingo games/online slot games. They have also created the unique bingo games out of their own original content too, such as what you saw with Slingo Lucky Streak. If you’re looking for more exceptional original Slingo games, don’t hesitate to check out Slingo Berzerk, Slingo Extreme and Slingo Carnival.