Spinball slot

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Spinball is a retro-style UK slot created by Tom Horn Gaming that introduces you to an entirely new type of slot that is ideal for fans of throwback arcade games. This slot abandons the traditional reel and betway concept in favour of an entirely unique design that is both high in variance and more fun to play than your average online slot. A 96 percent * RTP rate, plenty of free spins, the opportunity to win over 1,000x* your bet, and a fun ball style game to enjoy while playing are just a few of the highlights of this online slot. If you're looking for something fresh and interesting, try this intriguing slot at Rose Slots CA and take advantage of our welcome offer, which includes 500 free spins on all first bets of $5* or more.

Spinball Slot

Famous Arcade Game

We've all played this classic arcade game, and now Tom Horn has converted it into an incredible online slot. Spinball isn't your normal online slot because it doesn't have any reels or paylines. This may first confuse players, but if they persevere, they will be rewarded with a pleasant and enjoyable mini game. The game's concept is based on a spin ball machine, and it features crisp graphics and lots of colourful animation to make the gameplay as realistic as possible. In this modern slot, you may now experience the fun of this old arcade game while also winning large money. Because there are no paylines or fixed reels, you must concentrate only on the spin ball board. Although this may appear to be completely different from what you are used to, you need not be concerned because there is still a significant difference in usage here.

Superb Gameplay

Spinball is not only a fun and interesting game to play, but it also offers the chance to win some extremely large multiplier rewards. There is a lot of potential in these wins, which are backed up by a good RTP of 96%*. The top prize is a massive 1,440x* your bet, which is far more than any typical online slot jackpot. This payout has a lot of power and potential, and it doesn't necessarily require high stakes to pay out large amounts of money. You can bet up to $100* every spin when placing your bets, giving you complete flexibility and control over your betting strategy. With a customizable betting limit, a large payoff, and a reasonable volatility on your side, this unique form of slot retains all of the benefits of a traditional slot.

Free Spin Fun

Spinball is a fascinating bonus round in and of itself because it is a genuine arcade game, therefore there is no need to add sophisticated additional features to this slot. Having said that, Tom Horn Gaming has thrown in one extra bonus for good measure. This bonus round is activated by landing your ball in a specific spot, which activates a free spins bonus feature. The exact amount of free spins you will receive is unknown and is determined at random, but it has been known to be quite high in some situations.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.