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Big Time Gaming's Star Clusters Megaclusters is a bright, colourful, and incredibly engaging online slot game. From the design of its reels to its entire concept, this game is a somewhat more complex and ordinary form of slot. To begin with, the game's style can change throughout, making the concept slightly more sophisticated and probably better suited to advanced slot gamers at Rose Slots CA. In this slot, you may earn a lot of Free Games and even more bonuses while enjoying a novel game feature and some stunningly colourful visuals. Play on mobile, desktop and more here at Rose Slots CA. As a first time player, enjoy 500 Free Games on your first stake of $5* or higher as a welcome gift. 

Star Clusters Slot

Mega Cluster Fun

Star Clusters starts with a four-reel, four-row layout, which is simple and playable at first, yet this may change as additional features shift the reels in this game. This online slot has up to eight reels, making it one of the most expansive slots available at this online slots casino. This game's overall variance is rather high, with a 96.5%* return to player rating, making it both enticing and volatile. This slot also employs the uncommon Megaclusters payout structure, which is unique to this online slots casino. This type of betway strategy can raise your odds of winning by 4x, albeit it may take some getting accustomed to. It works by landing clusters of five symbols to win, which then divide to form one symbol, causing the reels to move and increasing your chances of making more wins. In contrast to the usual betway method, your focus is on matching clusters of five matching symbols.

Cluster Wins

Star Clusters: Megaclusters is not for individuals who want to wager large sums of money because it has a limited betting range than most games. Although the magic of this online slot UK is the large payout value, which can turn such little stakes into some pretty significant winnings, the betting range spans from just 10c to $20* each spin. The rewards in question might range from 14,000x to 23,960x* your initial investment! To win these massive payouts, you must participate in the game's numerous extra features.

Lots Of Features

Star Clusters is all about special features and a unique game engine, to keep you on your toes. These supplementary features include the Reactions Feature, which involves the splitting of winning clusters after each win, increasing the odds of additional wins by 4x. Another feature is the Gold Win Multiplier Feature, which is activated by the multi-colored star symbol and is responsible for the game's massive payout. This is a progressive multiplier system that starts at 1x and rises during the game to deliver prizes of up to 23,960x your bet. Only 5 or more winning replies (winning streaks) activate the Free Games Bonus Feature, which awards 2 Free Games and the chance to win even more. Another way to access this feature is through the multiplier function, which awards you two Free Games every time your progressive multiplier reaches a value of 10x.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.