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Tigers Pride slot

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Tiger's Pride is a Playtech animal-themed UK slot that is part of their popular Gold Pile series, which has unique bonus features and a brand-new game style. Our game is a wonderful example of why Playtech is responsible for some of the top slots in this online slots casino. This game has significantly more to offer than the ordinary slot, not simply because of its distinctive theme and suitability for animal lovers. With an above-average likelihood of winning, this extremely high-value slot offers the possibility to win a whopping $2 million. This slot boasts lots of features from a Free Games Bonus Round to a Bonus Buy Feature. Try to win all of these rewards for yourself here at Rose Slots CA, and take advantage of our welcome offer of 500 Free Spins on all first deposits of $5* or higher.

Tigers Pride Slot

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Tigers Pride is the ultimate HD slot to play if you are a fan of big cats and nature. This slot, which features a lovely design of animals and environment, is ideal for fans of tigers and other wild animals. This game's graphics are stunning, overflowing with colour and even animating to bring the idea to life. Enjoy the stunning graphics on your preferred device, as this slot easily transitions from mobile to desktop. This slot's design is reminiscent of The Lion King, a well-known and beloved film. Because it maintains the standard format of 5x3 reels and rows, this slot is accessible to all gamers. The payline method provides 25 predetermined ways to win, which take into account all possible outcomes to ensure that you have a good probability of winning. Enjoy this slot on all of your devices - mobile, tablet and desktop!

Strong Rewards

There is one aspect of Tiger's Pride (96.4%* RTP) that no player can ignore: the rewards. There's a chance to win a massive $2,000,000* jackpot, which doesn't appear in every UK slot machine. Not only that, but you've got the unusual high RTP to assist you get there, which means you've got a lot of volatility on your side even before the bonus features start. Finally, you may bet up to a high maximum of $5K*, making this slot ideal for players wishing to go out and experiment with their betting strategy. Betting high and winning even higher is certainly possible in this unique slot.

Free Games Features

In order to get you to those big wins, Tiger's Pride has some amazing additional features that work in tandem with the game's already high variance to boost your chances even more. The Free Games Bonus Round is the game's main feature, and it awards you 25 free spins for each scatter payline you activate. Another feature is the Cash Collection feature, which is active throughout the game. Simply gather a set number of symbols to gain further bonuses such as access to the free spins feature and even more prizes.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.